Teri A.. Zee    ARTIST
Oil painting 11" x 17"   "Bluecoats"  SOLD 
Pencil drawing - "Linda Evangalista"
                    11" x 14"
Colored pencil drawing
"Lamborgini"  22" x 28"
Oil painting (with Acrylic)
    "Lilies"   18" x 24"    
Colored pencil drawing
     with oil pastels  "Foxes"       22" x 28"
  "Checkered past"    purse and shoe combo from 1955     Acrylic     1/16     PAA Gallery
Colored pencil drawing - elk - commission
Colored pencil drawing "Standing Guard"    PRINTS AVAILABLE 
                  18 x 24" 
Rotational plaster cast.         SOLD
Oil painting  "Rose"  18" x 24"
Embellished with synthetic flower and fabric    2012                      SOLD
"RUBY"    Oil painting completed in Oct 2012          16" x 20"

                        Australian Magpie   .
Red Ruffed Lemur 2....Completed 8-9-13.
              "Parotia"  (Bird of Paradise)   2nd Place 
               in Sculpture - Professional Art Exhibit                                         Illinois State Fair     8-15           
                               SOLD 8-21-15​
Paper mache cardinals      SOLD
Angel Fish        PAA Gallery 8-15
at the PAA Gallery    SOLD    12-15​
"HARLEY" Hawk-headed Parrot  made for Sara 10-15
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Welcome to my  website showcasing the  art I have  created over the years.  I  am  currently  making   paper mache birds
as my primary creations. I donate 10% of all proceeds to the                            Central Illinois Food Bank.​ 
"New Species".....bird and flower on a tree burl....PAA  Gallery     11-15.     SOLD
"Daddy's girl"    Amy Winehouse  acrylic
1-16   PAA Gallery.             SOLD
For 6 x 6 event at SAA Collective..8/16
Dragon Mascot head made for Hillsboro school   10/16