Teri Zee         ARTIST

Welcome to my  website showcasing the  art I have  created over the years.  Paper mache is my primary medium with an emphasis on animals. I feel blessed to be able to create and make art that honors animals and the people who love them.  I donate  10%  of  all  proceeds  to  the Central Illinois Food Bank.​ so I can help others through my creations. Thank you for your support!  
                        "Alexandria"    Pharmacy                             Gallery     sold
        "volunteer  Sandy" 
    Pharmacy Gallery   sold
           "Nurse Caren"    
     Pharmacy Gallery   sold  
        "Jasmin on Bass"   
 ​     Pharmacy  Gallery  sold         
      "Nurse Caren"   with pants
       Pharmacy Gallery     sold​
"Olivia"  Pharmacy Gallery   sold
   "GOLDEN ORYX"     Pharmacy Gallery
           ​ sold
           "Chestnut-eared Aracari"
    "Wally" - white necked raven.
        Pharmacy Gallery     sold

Butterfly with moving antenna
 Pharmacy Gallery    ​   sold  
"SARAH"      Entered into the Illinois State Fair Professional Art Exhibit for 2019 .  Won 1st place in the Sculpture category    Not avalable
"Sulfur-Crested  Cockatoos"  sold​
The 6 paintings shown are original acrylic paintings completed for the HENSON ROBINSON ZOO for their outdoor identification signs as part
​of a collaboration with the PHARMACY GALLERY & ART SPACE in 2020.
"Amy's Space Walk"   acrylic   
Zebra head and Fox  
"ALICE  - 3 foot tall Sumatran tiger
Silver Dahlia - made with butter knifes and aluminum cans    SOLD
ALICE  3 foot tall Sumatran tiger