These are some horses I have done. A couple of drawings and plaster heads that I created from a mold I made of the original. 
        "Pony of the America's"
colored pencil drawing  24" x 36"
'STORMY'  plaster head
Blue wall horse head    SOLD
                                  PALOMINO  SOLD
          "BLUE BOY"    Plaster     SOLD
Buckskin wall head  SOLD
Red Sky wall head       SOLD
"ROCKY"   commission    SOLD
                         Mosaic horse 
"Sunset"      plaster wall head      SOLD
Wall horse head   plaster with handmade beading
                     Palomino wall head    SOLD
Chestnut & white wall head    SOLD
                Black & white wall head  SOLD
Large white wall horse head with handbeaded skirt.

"GOLD STANDARD (BRED)" Gold Leaf (imitation) and black & white horse head - "DOMINO" 
Mr Gray.      .Horse head     Jennifer is now taking care of him.
MOSAIC HORSE HEAD   Completed after 3 years. Each piece of glass was custom made and applied with mortar mix.