Black throated diver loon - colored pencil drawing 
Seagulls - colored pencil & acrylic 11" x 17"
Birds I have created in colored pencil, oil paint and paper mache.  
rirnneRuby breasted Passerine  -     10-13                                             SOLDjjjhis text.
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Parrot made for Joan B  in July 2013.   edit this text.
Australian Magpie with moving wings    SOLD​
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"White-throated bee eater      
    ​14" H  - 9" W - 31" L
Red billed Toucan     Part of the 6-28-14 PAA show         SOLD
      Parotia (Bird of Paradise)    2nd Place in 
      Sculpture    IL STATE FAIR     8-15 ​   SOLD
Ruby headed hummingbird    SOLD
   at the 6-28-14 PAA gallery show
Blue-chested Hummingbird...Made for Brian M.....   Sept 2014
Spotted owl     SOLD      2014
Fantasy Bird    made for PAA show   SOLD
White necked Raven   made for PAA show   4-15
Great Blue Heron  at the PAA     SOLD  
Eclectus Parrot    made for Sara   12-14
Sandhill crane    SOLD

Bald eagle   made for Brian      2014
Emperor penguin    close up
SOLD            12-14.
California Quail                 SOLD
American crow                SOLD  
Racquet  tail Hummingbird    SOLD
"Ruby headed hummingbird "   8-15.
            (for Karen Lawless)​
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Ivory-billed woodpecker - for 10-17-15 PAA gallery exhibit      SOLD.....
'HARLEY'     Hawk-headed parrot
​made for Sara                      10-15
Close up of "New Species"...
Bird and flower of my own design. PAA Gallery 11-15
$150.00 ​​                    SOLD
Sunflower and goldfinch paper mache..At the PAA Gallery   Nov 2015
SNOWY OWL...for Brian  12/15
Yellow Crowned Roller.   PAA Gallery
​Feb 2016        SOLD
Purple crowned  Jay          PAA   3/16
                    SOLD          ​
Black crowned purple finch      PAA 3/16.
For 6 x 6 event at SAA Collective 8/16
Scarlet Jungle Sparrow   SAA Collective 10/16                SOLD
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Blue Striped Fisher       SAA Collective
$125            12/16​       SOLD 
Mrs. Blue   SAA Collective 1/17    $75
Trophies made for SAA Collective's Dancing  with the Stars     Feb   2017 
"Black legged Billy"    SAA Collective
​4/17   SOLD
Common Raven - commission 5/17
Donation for Denim and Diamonds  8/17
Oversize Sulfur-crested cockatoos...accepted into the IL State Fair Professional Art Exhibit   8/17.