Can flowers       
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This is a can flower I made from FOUND cans while walking the dogs. Over 100 cans were used which were cut off at the bottom leaving about 1 - 2 inches. These were then pounded flat and formed with pliers and an anvil into the shape 

A fiberglass bowl was used to rivet the cans  (petals) on for the shape of the flower.
It was based on a Chrysanthemum. An aluminum lid was used for the bottom of the flower. BB darts were glued onto the centerpiece which was the knob for the lid.

Aluminum gutters were used for the leaves and an old lamp base was used for the stem.

SOLD   $185 
 ROSE can flower made with about 100 Found aluminum cans riveted on to an aluminum pan llid.
The leaves are made from old gutters and the leaf stems are made from bendable aluminum
wire. Used an adjustable microphone stand for the base. Painted with metallic paint and outdoor enamel.               $165            Finished 4-11-12...on it's way to the gallery.
Newest can flower "SILVER BLOOM"  made with aluminum cans for the flower and the leaves. The vase is made from a cd holder and has 72 butter knifes cold welded onto the sides. Taken to the gallery on 5-12-12.   $150              SOLD    5-19-12
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This is newest CAN flower made the bottom of aluminum cans along with the leaves. The stem is from discarded ceiling fan extensions that can be unscrewed for a shorter flower. Used a ceiling lamp for the base.  Regular BB's were used for the centerpiece. Taken to the gallery on 5-26-12.  $175        SOLD  JULY 2012   On  it's way to Chicago
Latest can flower "CACTUS FLOWER" - made with all found cans collected in the last four months. I used a different technique for the cans. I cut out the center part of the can and rolled up and secured each can with glue and rivets. Used an aluminum wire for the stem that I found while planting a fruit tree in the front yard. Mounted on a marble base found while walking to the hardware store last week.
Taken to the gallery today as part of FOUND OBJECTS AS ART EXHIBIT 
on 7-6-12.                                                $75         SOLD  - on it's way to St. Louis
"SILVER BUD"     Can flower completed and taken to the gallery on 9-29-12.
This was mounted on a lamp pole with a flexible side are and mounted on a brass bridge floor lamp base. Embellished with old marbles.    5 feet tall          $160