These are some of the women drawings done in graphite and colored pencil.   The paintings are in oil. 

        "CAMILLE"   oil painting  
  "ROSE"    oil painting        18" x 24"
This is the first oil painting I took into the PAA ll Gallery. "BLUECOATS"    Oil 11"  x 14"  Dec 2011         SOLD

"Waiting"     Oil painting I completed to jury into the PAA in Sept. 2011.   24" x 28"
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Oil painting completed in January 2012.
"Frankie's night out"   11" x 14"
Colored pencil drawing. Study for oil painting of Camille.
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"ELIZABETH"    Oil painting completed 6-29-12.     18" x 24"    $350.00
                     "ALETHEA"         Oil painting study
                                SOLD   April 2013
Gretchen Menn - guitarist in Led Zepplin tribute band....
Oil Painting.....16 x 20             $200.00
"RUBY" Oil Painting 16" x 24"
       "Scarlet"    Oil Painting  16" x 24"
 "Linda Evangalista"      graphite pencil      
"JOY"         11" x 14"   graphite pencil 

    "GRACE"     11" x 14"     graphite
These drawings are based on a variety of hairstyles and they are named for JOY-HOPE-GRACE-PATIENCE-FAITH-CHARITY.         
"Daddy's girl"     Amy Winehouse - acrylic
1/16   PAA Gallery‚Äč                SOLD
Amy Winehouse   based on painting by Thomas Gainsborough of "Duchess Grace Darlymple Elliot"      SAA Collective 12/16           $325