"Galah" made for Sara 
Birds have created in my current medium of paper mache  
              Ruby breasted Passerine                                             
Parrot made for Joan B  
Red billed Toucan    
      Parotia (Bird of Paradise)    2nd Place in 
      Sculpture    IL STATE FAIR     8-15 ​   
     Blue-chested Hummingbird...
              Spotted owl
            White necked Raven   
Eclectus Parrot    made for Sara   

Bald eagle with wings out with a wire for hanging              made for Brian     
Emperor penguin    close up

                  California Quail           
        Racquet  tail Hummingbird   
   Ruby headed hummingbird 

         ​Ivory-billed woodpecker 
​      .
'HARLEY'     Hawk-headed parrot
​made for Sara                      
Sunflower and goldfinch 
Oversize Sulfur-crested cockatoos...accepted into the IL State Fair Professional Art Exhibit   8/17.
Australian Magpie with moving wings.
          Yellow Crowned Roller
       Purple crowned jay
       Purple Pudge
             Blue stripped Fisher
                     Mrs. Blue
Trophy made for SAA Dancing with the Stars   2017
Common raven  commission
Donation for 2018 Dancing with the Stars
Green backed roller
Donation for Denim and Diamonds 2017
Flower and bird on wood burl base
Toucan and canary   SAA Collective
Donation for DENIM & DIAMONDS  2018
              for Sara and Kim